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Always be ready for justification to anyone who asks you for a statement about the hope that is within you - but with gentleness and reverence.

(Apostle Peter in 1 Peter 3:15)


Hello, my name is Thomas. I’m an average Christian and on this blog I write about various topics regarding the Christian faith.

Although I once studied “Religious Studies” for a few semesters at university, with a minor in Protestant theology, I only give my personal opinion as a layman here.

Instead, I became an IT professional and have been working in that field ever since. I wanted to do something where I could apply my knowledge directly in practice. (Ecclesiastes 12:12 😉)

I have also had this experience with faith: it needs a certain theoretical foundation, but faith only comes alive through concrete decisions.

So, have fun reading! If you still have questions that are not answered in the blog, feel free to contact me.


What does hopefish.de actually mean?

The name of this blog, “Hopefish”, consists of two words: “hope” and “fish”.

  • “hope” stands for the hope of eternal life after death.
  • “fish” refers to the Christian fish symbol.

So together it is about the hope of eternal life in heaven that we have as Christians through Jesus Christ. I would like to tell about this hope on this blog.

This is also reflected in the logo, where the fish happily leaps towards hope - it is a fish full of hope, in fact a “hope fish”.

… other platforms

I also publish the audio articles from hopefish.de on YouTube in the channel @hopefish_de and on Google Podcasts, so that they can be found more easily.

If you want to support Christian content on the Internet, feel free to subscribe to the channels. This way, they will be recommended to more people.